Set up a profile

Before your child can start creating, you must set up a parent/child profile. The process is quick and can be done in a few easy steps! You can choose to download the app into your own device to easily access the features of your parent account where you can see your child's Creatables, book a party packages and more! 


Choose a Createable 

Your child will first get to choose what kind of Createable they want to create! They can choose a princess, a superhero, a fairy and mermaid or even a monster! 


Time to Create

After your child has picked their Createable base, they get to start exploring all the creative options they have to design their Createable. They can build his look, write his story, pick his theme song, design his setting and more! Our streamline app makes it easy for kids as young as 4 year old to understand and adds an interesting element of creativity to excitement to interest children through elementary school! 

Bring your Createable to LIFE!

Now it's your turn to use the parent side of our app and bring your child's characters to LIFE right before their eyes! Choose from several fun filled party packages where your child's Createable will host their party leading fun games, dancing, sing and more! 


Final Touches

What's a party without matching decor? You can choose to top off the theme of your party by purchasing matching cups, plates, napkins, table standees and more...all designed by your child! 


Connect with Friends 

Allow your child's gallery to be searchable by creating a unique gallery name. When galleries are connected, your child can see their friend's Createables and parents can join forces by bringing multiple characters to an event! 

Save, Print or Share 

Your child can choose to save their Createables, print them for the fridge or share them directly to your device! Character Createables can be a fun creative outlet for year round excitement!  

Birthday Countdown

Your little one can't wait for their special day and our app will help them countdown to their birthday with a fun countdown timer! They will even be reminded of their friends birthdays!

Bedtime Stories

Within the app, children can listen to unique bedtime stories read by the Createables Crew and inspired by real Createables that children have submitted! If a story is inspired by your Createable, you will get a shout out!

Createables Crew Youtube Series 

Not only does your child have the opportunity to bring their Createables to life for their birthday, but they can submit their characters to be brought to life YEAR ROUND on our "Createables Crew" Youtube Series! Our Creatables Crew are the faces of our Createables brand and every WEEK on their Youtube series, they will bring to life a NEW Createable to add to their team. You child has the option to submit every Createable they save for consideration to be BROUGHT TO LIFE in front of a Nationwide audience!  If you child's Createable is selected, they will be featured on an episode and will get a REAL LIFE FaceTime call from the Crew themselves! 

Make sure you follow our YOUTUBE so you will be the first to see when we start airing! 


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